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MONDAY          10am-7pm

WEDNESDAY    10am-7pm

FRIDAY             10am-7pm


1. When are you open?  

         MONDAY          10am-7pm

         WEDNESDAY    10am-7pm

         FRIDAY             10am-7pm

         Closed Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday


2. Where are you located?

         Our address is 350 N. Main St. Suite 210  Chelsea, MI 48118.

         We're in the Clocktower Commons, right across from Jiffy.

         Click HERE for directions.

3. Do you take insurance?

         We sure do.  We're currently in-network with Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, HAP, and Aetna.  However, there are many different plans within each carrier, and not all have the same coverage for chiropractic care.  If you call the number on the back of your card, you should be able to find out your exact coverage.  If you're having difficulty finding the information, you can always call our office, we'd be happy to verify your benefits for you.  Further, if we're not in network with your carrier, we can call to determine any out of network benefits you may have.  We find that many patients have good benefits despite network status.

         Anything not covered by insurance needs to be paid the day services are rendered and we accept cash, check, or credit.

4. How long does the first visit take?

         That depends on your primary issue but Dr. Lisa and Dr. Kim try to keep the first visit to an hour or less.

5. Are x-rays taken on the first visit?

         X-rays are not typically taken on a first visit to Proactive Chiropractic unless warranted by patient history (i.e. fall from ladder w/ acute back pain).  If x-rays are required before treatment, Proactive Chiropractic works with the Chelsea Community Hospital's walk-in radiology clinic.  Patient's are able to get same-day imaging, and board certified radiologist reports are faxed to Proactive Chiropractic for patient followup. 

6. How long do I need to keep getting treated?

       All patients receive an initial 3-5 visits.  At that time, there is a reassessment of your progress; if you are improving, further treatment is discussed.  If you're not improving you will be referred to the appropriate healthcare provider.  Proactive Chiropractic does not employ a one-size-fits-all model.  Each patient has a different condition and responds differently to care than the next.  Because of this, treatments are scheduled on a week to week basis with constant reevaluation.  In general, the more you improve the less frequent your visits become.  Our goal is to improve your condition as quickly and affordably as possible and when you've improved, you're discharged from care.  That being said, many patients prefer to get treated on a regular basis for more of a maintenance approach and that's great too.  Either way is fine by us.  

7. What if I have an unanswered question?

         Just ask!  





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